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 A Slither In The Hole

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PostSubject: A Slither In The Hole   Thu Feb 25, 2016 5:59 pm

A pair of meerkats bound toward you, their tail pointed sky high in panic. They stop before you and frantically bolster you with words broken up by their cryptic meerkat language somewhat foreign to you. Underneath the plethora of their words you hear the word "snake" over and over and ask them slow down.

"Snake! Snake in our home!" One of them hollers, ever bobbing up and down.

His slightly shorter partner chimes in. "Yes, big snake! Nasty snake!"

"Please, help! It eat many siblings! Too big for us to handle!

"Hoodless cobra. Never seen before!"

You open you mouth to question the last notion but the two meerkats scamper off. "Hurry! Don't get eaten!"

A family of meerkats claim to have a rather big problem with the threat of a snake that has claimed their burrow as it's home. See to it that you vanquish the scaly scoundrel and put the meerkats to rest.

Exp: 450
Member count: 1 or 2
Type: Exterminate
Level: Intermediate
# of completions: 2 per hand in
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A Slither In The Hole
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