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 Gaining Experience

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PostSubject: Gaining Experience   Wed Feb 24, 2016 8:54 pm

In order for members to move up in rank they must collect experience points. Experience can be obtained two ways:

Missions are vital to what makes the role play thrive as a mercenary group. There will be missions posted on the forums from time to time so checking in is highly recommended. Each mission will grant users up to 500 or more experience points depending on the difficulty. Users can create and host their own missions for other users to role play if they choose to. To take on a mission, a user simply has to reply to the topic stating so. Completing a missions requires that the hired users screenshots the very last input of their rp sessions and submit it to the relevant topic.

Role Play
Role Playing is the easiest way to gain experience points. Users are given 200 points for every day they partake in rp and are given 50 points more for role playing a specific rank they're working towards.

Those who are not as keen to rp or simply wish to relax with the group can still earn experience for their desired rank just by simply logging in and sticking around for longer than an hour. Activity grants users 50 exp points.
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Gaining Experience
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