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 Oh Sister, Dear Sister

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PostSubject: Oh Sister, Dear Sister   Wed Feb 24, 2016 12:42 am

"Please! Please, help me!" A waif voice calls out to you. You turn to see an ample she-

wolf. She looks to be no older than a year old. The dishevled youth takes a moment to

catch herself before she breathlessly speaks to you again.

"You're a Fel Fang, aren't you? Please! You must help me! My sister, she's..." The words begin to break up as the distraught youth struggles to hold back tears. "She's missing--I know it!"

You ask her to calm down and explain the situation.

"My older sister was only suppose to be gone for a while to hunt for food. It's been days
and she still hasn't come back! I've looked everywhere for her!" Indeed the poor thing
looked to be wary and worn especially at the legs, conveying her fruitless search for her
beloved sister. "I beg of you!"

The grief shatters the young wolf's resolve and she bursts into tears. You take the time
to speculate the youth's request and assemble your thoughts. With a nod you tell her that you will take on the job but without clues the job will be difficult.

"Oh, thank you, thank you! You should head far east. I don't know much of the land there, but it's where I see her head off to each time she hunts. Please return safely with my sister."

You have been contacted by a distraught very young she-wolf. She expresses her worry over her older sister who has been missing for a considerable amount of time. She fears for her sister's safety and requests that you find her. You are told to head far East where she is known to frequent. However, your keen perception skills tells you that there's more to this story than what the little sister is telling you...

Exp: 200
Member count: 1 or 2
Type: Search and rescue
Level: Beginner
# of completions: 2 per hand in
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Oh Sister, Dear Sister
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