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 Art of the Voodoo

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PostSubject: Art of the Voodoo   Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:18 pm

*To truly bring harm to a targeted individual, one must first acquire a lock of their pelt, burn it and throw the rest away. This will ensure that the curse, whether it was cast prior or not, will take effect.*

Implementing the curse
It is required that you gather the necessary tools for said curse: cloth (or dried out pelt of a critter), mud, sticks, quills of a porcupine, shaded leaves of a dark color to burn, black kohl (or anything you can find that can be grind and applied under the eyes as a black substance) and an object belonging to the victim. Line your eyes with kohl, both on the upper and the lower lid, make a mud doll as closely resembling the person in question as possible, cover it with a cloth, light the candles, stick the incense in mud, make a cross with them near the doll and prick the quills in the doll. Then say, “as I drive pins into this doll, may they feel the pain, the being in flesh and blood, the person in vain.”

The cause of illness
This curse requires several items belonging to the victim. You will need to set up an altar with a circle around it and cast salt water around it, so that it doesn't backfire on you. Find a way to spark a fire, set up something that can be used to contain something--a bowl (possibly molded from clay), prepare the mud voodoo doll with pelt clippings from the victim you’re cursing and attach something of great importance to them. Stick quills into the area you want affected. Add honey and the droppings of two different hens to the boiling pot, then let the doll soak up in the honey. Once the potion is boiling, throw the doll in and wait until the fire burns out.

Make a mud doll out of cloth, representing the person you’re casting the spell against, coat it in clay and paint it red (will need to find red earth). Stick quills in the doll, while reciting the following spell with each quill. “May the vengeance in my heart, sting you like a poisoned dart. Like a cripple may you live? Until I so wish. And like a vagabond may you wander, Like a trembling gasping fish. Dead or deaf, mute or maim, may the higher powers grant my every passionate claim?” Symbolize the vengence along with a drawing of the victim in the earth, bury the doll in it and burn the whole thing with a heap of dark colored leaves dipped in honey. You will need to somehow get the victim to consume the ashed remains.

Lesser curses
If a female's mate dies and you wish for her never to pair again, find the body of the deceased and chew off his paws. A given time will be necessary before the body becomes too putrid. If successful, the female will no longer be eligible to mate with.

If a female wishes for her beloved mate to stay loyal and by her side, for eternity... she will have to taint either his food or water with her own blood.

Obtaining a lock of a person's hair and concealing it on your person will grant them a headache that will last as long as you hold on to their hair.

To discourage the male mate from advancing on another female, the paired female may take the stinger of a wasp and prick his paw. For every time the male sees the desired female, he will run from her.

Consuming the wing tip of a chicken, then placing the bone on a desired mate will ensure the pairing.

Contact the dead
Extract the blood of a snake and set up an altar with two skulls of a smaller critter facing each other. With the snake blood prepared in a clay bowl, allow droplets of the snake blood to drip on the skulls and chant, “it is my wish that I contact my (mother/father), (name of the dead person). Let it be known to them that I deeply mourn his/her death and I affirm my sorrow by means of this blood on my skulls. Let this grant be received as a symbol of my love, as a symbol of my commitment, that I shall never cease mourning him/her until I draw my last breath.”

Alternate way of contacting the dead
Arrange sticks in the shape of a triangle on a black cloth, set the pedals of a red flower and ivory fire ablaze inside the triangle, draw out the initials of the dead person you want to contact into the earth, set the burning pedals onto it, and mix the ashes with water you’ve placed in a bowl. The spell goes, “O life beyond life itself,/ Come forth as I call out to thee./ Speak through the clear still water,/ Like I speak through a mirror to me.”

Spirit Summoning
On a full moon night, draw a perfect circle and place a red cloth in the center, with goat hairs sprinkled on top. Place red and purple colored pedals around the cloth, light them and walk around the circle four times leaving pawprints. Raise your maw and tail up in the air, close your eyes and chant, “Beyond life and death I stretch my banner,/ Bring back the deceased to this earth, to this land./ Follow the footsteps I lay right here,/ Float down to me through the fickle sand.”

Trap evil spirits
Put thirteen rose thorns into a beehive, one at a time, and chant “Thou Demon presence. Be no more!” as you throw each thorn inside. Crush the thorns and beehive and toss it into a hole, add crushed up rose petals and then slowly pour salt water into the hole. Keep the hole open overnight and close it before the next sunrise. Cover the hole with a cloth and bury it.

Healing Spells
Prepare a clay doll of the patient covered in white pedals, giving the doll the personality of your patient. Mix honey, tincture of wormwood, sage and brandy and stir it all in any given milk. Add sesame seeds to the mixture. This will allow the pain of the injury to be sedated and bring the patient a ease of mind. Note that intensive care will still need to be applied to the wound.

For a more effective spell, burn white pedals and lubricate the Voodoo doll with the mixture you made, on the spots that require treatment. Lubricate the patient on the same spots as the Voodoo doll. Take the white tip of a porcupine quill and stick them on the Voodoo doll to the places which you lubricated. While sticking the needles, chant the healing prayer: “Oh, mighty God, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, in worship and undivided Trinity, look tenderly upon thy servant (name), held in disease; Forgive him and all of his sins, heal him from the illness; Bring back his health and strength; Give him a long and prosperous life, peace and thine blessings so that he would bring gratefulness in prayer to thee, God and my Creator. Holy Mother of God, help me pray to your son, my God, heal the servant of God (name). All saints and angels of the Lord, pray to God for his sick servant (name). Amen.” (Even if one would not understand the religious approach, it is necessary as followed)
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Art of the Voodoo
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