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 Akuunai references

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PostSubject: Akuunai references   Tue Jan 15, 2013 1:22 pm

Looking to make an Akuunai wolf preset? Here are some references to keep in mind provided only as an aid for the typical Akuunai profile (yes, it's for Fel wolves, also). Keep in mind, these are optional ideals. You are entitled to use your own look and inspiration for your own Akuunai. Also, keep in mind not to have a large array of colors thrown together.

Ears are usually dipped. The common Akuunai wolf will usually have both ears dipped in black. During the olden times, Akuunai wolves had their ears painted in black, much like the lions; helping their masters better identify them when hunting in the dry brush of their land. This has grown into a genetic trait.

Eyes will typically contain the traditional colors of the Akuunai. There are some who will strangely convey the eyes of a snake, with thin slits for pupils. Suspect of the fox, bred into the line of the wolf is largely hypothesized. Northen Akuunai believed that the plush and luxurious fur of the fox would better make Akuunai wolves more adequate and efficient in colder climates, giving them their signature full pelts.

The Akuunai wolf's mouth has been manipulated in color. They were forced to ingest vividly colored herbs and dyes in order to give the creature's entire orals down to their saliva glands, its odd coloration. The reasons behind this, are unknown.

An Akuunai wolf's profile will usually stand as a built physique; toned with sturdy legs. The markings all range from stripes to spots; coming in three stages. First, there's the common black black markings, then, there's the subtle markings, last, the brighter markings.

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Akuunai references
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